Macced for Life

This is a comment on my Mac-ness I shared on Hop over to read more comments or share your thoughts and impressions on Steve Jobs‘ death.

My first Apple Macintosh was dubbed „Mickey Mouse“-theatre. That goes a long way in telling what model it was. As a matter of fact I fell in love with the beauty and elegance of intuitively working with a computer about ten years before the first iMac came out. One of its role models if not its predecessor was the Mac SE with a 9″ monochrome built-in screen that adorned my desk. People laughed at me and my toy, at the mouse, the little ‚bing‘-sound the Mac made when it commenced its start-up routine. The same people who now pride themselves „early-adopters“ of iPad, iPhone and the likes. But I made a promise to myself all these years ago: when finally the world has learned to embrace the elegance and simplicity I fell in love with I won’t laugh back. But I might smile.

Farewell, Steve. Enjoy connecting the dots.


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